Kyrie Irving Scores 47 Points Against Mavs, Celtics Win 16th Straight


It’s been a great season for the Boston Celtics. Although they lost Gordon Hayward, the team has been on a crazy 15-game winning streak and they made it 16 after Kyrie Irving snapped in the fourth quarter and rallied the C’s from a deficit.

Masked Kyrie put up a crazy 47 points and 6 assists against the Dallas Mavericks, hitting shots from everywhere on the court. Three-pointers? BANG. Flashing the handles and driving to the basket? Check. He was on a tear.

Jaylen Brown contributed with 22 points and 9 rebounds of his own, while Jason Tatum dropped 15 points and grabbed 9 rebounds as well.

The game had to go to overtime for the Celtics to win, but the best story in the league extend their winning streak to 16, just barely. This comeback also makes it an NBA-leading eight for the season and marks their largest fourth-quarter comeback of the year.

It’s King Kyrie’s world and we’re just living in it.

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