Kyrie Irving Talks LeBron James Apology, Celtics Season & Being A Leader

ESPN’s Rachel Nichols has really positioned herself as someone in the media that can get a lot out of players. She doesn’t softball questions too much, asks what needs to be known and players open up to her more than most.

After speaking to James Harden yesterday, today she shares her interview with Kyrie Irving and his tumultuous season with the Boston Celtics.

In their talk, Irving opens up about his impending free agency, being a leader in the locker room and how challenging this season has been. As far as the team, he says he the tools to be a leader, he just needs to be himself and players will gravitate towards his leadership. He also spoke on calling LeBron James to apologize for what happened between them. He emphasized that he doesn’t regret any decisions he made for his career, but he could have dealt with things differently. He said that call was necessary so he could move forward with life.

Interestingly, he also said the media breaks up locker rooms sometimes because headlines fester and get to players, as much as they try not to.

Watch that and more in the interview up top.

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