Lavar Ball’s Thoughts on LeBron James on Lakers, Playing with Lonzo Ball

Now that the LeBron James hype has arrived to Los Angeles, one person that has been relatively quiet is Lavar Ball. Not for long, though. He was on CNN with Chris Cuomo to talk about the big news in the City of Angels, his son, league and more.

When asked about how he knew the king was coming to Southern California, he said it was in stone. About the Rajon Rondo signing and how much Lonzo Ball should worry about his position, Lavar didn’t seem phased at all. He also said the relationship between him and Lebron is all good and even with all the negativity they try to throw at him, LBJ still came to L.A.

Towards the end, he also spoke on his JBA League and what he’s trying to achieve.

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