LeBron James and Dwyane Wade Speak on Friendship, Life in Cleveland

The NBA is back tomorrow and before we get hyped over the opening night action, Rachel Nichols of ESPN’s The Jump sat down with LeBron James and Dwyane Wade for a candid interview.

The two speak on how their friendship originally started, why it’s lasted through so many years and they reveal a secret about that banana boat picture. Both James and Wade say that a loss in the NBA Finals actually started those vacations they’re known for, because they were so depressed and had to get away. Fast forward to the banana boat, D-Wade was peer pressure into getting on and apparently, they all fell off that bitch with the quickness.

The two also speak on what it’s like to return to a city you left when they hate you and if certain players that were traded this offseason will get the same treatment.

Speaking of which, LeBron called Kyrie Irving “the kid” again and Rachel called him out on it. It was pretty funny. LBJ got a bit awkward.

You can watch the two crack jokes at each other in the interview up top.

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