LeBron James L.A. Lakers Mural Vandalized As He Officially Signs with Team

Over the weekend, a freshly painted mural of LeBron James on the Los Angeles Lakers was vandalized because not everyone is excited he’s in that purple and gold.

The mural was written over with phrases like “No King,” “3-6,” “LeFraud” and “We don’t want you” across it, against his joining the storied L.A. franchise. It wasn’t long before the pics surfaced online and the mural was fixed.

Regardless of what side of the fence you stand on, his signing was made official today, as Klutch Sports posted on their social media accounts, the King signing a contract with general manager Rob Pelinka.

It’s a new era in Los Angeles and there’s going to be a love/hate relationship with LBJ in Southern California moving forward.

UPDATE: The mural has been taken down because of continued vandalism.

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