LeBron James Throws No-Look Between The Legs Pass on Andrew Wiggins

We all know damn well Andrew Wiggins has a chip on his shoulders, especially when he plays against the Cleveland Cavaliers. He always plays well against them, even though the Minnesota Timberwolves don’t always win those matchups.

Tonight, Wiggins put up a 41 point stat line on another loss.

Even though he scored almost twice as many points as LeBron James on the night, the highlight of the game came from the king in the second quarter.

In transition after a rebound, LBJ took the ball coast to coast and once he got to his own three point line, he tossed a crazy no-look pass to Derrick Williams, which happened to skip under Wiggins’ legs and right to the Cavs forward for the score.

Look at Andrew’s reaction after the play. He couldn’t believe what the fuck happened.

King James and Kyrie Irving both had 25 points on the night, while Channing Frye scored 21 in Kevin Love‘s absence. For the T-Wolves, only Karl-Anthony Towns had a decent game, finishing with 26 points and 8 rebounds in the loss at home.

FINAL: CLE 116 | MIN 108

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