EXCLUSIVE: Lakers Trying to Acquire Bradley Beal, Following James Harden & Nets Trade

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Whenever a major transaction happens or in his case a championship, certain players get jealous of others having the spotlight – all the videos, dancing. With that being said, the Brooklyn Nets shocked the basketball world last week, making the major trade for James Harden.

The four-team deal, immediately put the Nets in talks for a championship; as they have three more roster spots to fill before the upcoming deadline in a few weeks. While they’re yet to reveal who’s on their radar, the team believes they can facilitate one more trade to land another big man, and swingman off the bench.

However, with the talk of the league being solely focused on the Nets, one person has gotten a bit jealous after his turn-around three that’s been gassed. As soon as the James Harden trade happened, the Los Angeles Lakers went into panic-mode for whatever reason and started making calls.

We’re not sure why they believe the Nets are the better team, because they’re not. Regardless of how we feel about a fraud plaguing the league, he still has the best roster of talent; and is likely the favorite to re-peat this year as champion.

The Lakers are officially trying to land Bradley Beal, in a multi-team trade. Those talks have been on-going over the last four days, as Los Angeles is looking to part ways with Wesley Matthews. Wesley has been very vocal about his role on the team and has let everyone know he’s not happy with the situation.

Even with the best record in the league, Wes still wants to leave the team. We don’t blame him either, since he has to be a corner boy playing with the King in a non-offense. The Philadelphia 76ers and Milwaukee Bucks are also entertaining discussion with the Washington Wizards for Bradley Beal. However, we feel he’ll end up on the Los Angeles Lakers someway.

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