Michael Smith Puts ESPN on Blast for Jemele Hill’s ‘Sports Center’ Exit

Who’s going to be the new SC primetime host?

Last September, ESPN executive Norby Williamson took change over Sports Center, which was branded in 2017 as SC6 with Michael Smith and Jemele Hill.

In that time, ESPN and the NFL took a huge hit in ratings, due to both tandems becoming idiotic an alleged belief of middle America having an issue with players taking a knee to the national anthem – after multiple killings of unarmed black people by the government.

Well, Ms. Hill used the platform to voice her opinion on Donald Trump and Dallas Cowboys owner, Jerry Jones, who was reportedly fearful of losing sponsorships with the protest.

Much like them, the Disney-owned network would give Jemele two suspensions, with one being a TV punishment after calling out their biggest partner, the NFL. Just two weeks ago, Hill announced she was leaving SC6 to join ESPN’s The UNDEFEATED, as a journalist to move under-the-radar.

Following her exit, Michael Smith was guest on James Andrew Miller’s Origins podcast, (audio has since been erased) to put the network on blast for their mishandling of his friend. Smith said, “There was a time we weren’t even talking to each other on air anymore. Like no more Michael and Jemele, not less, not here and there. No more Michael and Jemele talking. No more of their commentary.

It’s just strictly live shots and analysts. That’s what pissed me off so much.” Regarding the continuing decline in the show and them being used as scapegoats to further justify their ignorance to viewers leaving the network; he continued on, “I’m like, so wait a second, you all acknowledge that one of the strengths that we have going for us as a show is Michael and Jemele’s chemistry, but Michael and Jemele don’t fucking talk to each other? How does that make sense?”

As he continued to break down how the two decided not to challenge the network, he closed out saying, “With Michael and Jemele being muted. It frustrated the shit out of us.”

We’re assuming the network isn’t too thrilled about this internal revelation from Mr. Smith, as we’ll be curious to if they ignore the podcast episode. Let us know what you think.

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