NBA Suspends Trevor Ariza & Gerald Green for Clippers Locker Room Controversy

A few days ago, members of the Houston Rockets charged through a back hallway to the Los Angeles Clippers locker room at STAPLES Center following their loss on the court. They were looking to confront Blake Griffin and Austin Rivers and tried to barge into the locker room from the front door and the hidden back side.

Tempers were flaring throughout the game, with various players screaming obscenities at each other, drawing technical fouls and even being ejected.

For their role in the incident, Trevor Ariza and Gerald Green have been suspended by the league for two games. Chris Paul and James Harden, who were also involved, are not being punished for their role in the matter and will not face fines or discipline by the NBA. Neither will Griffin, for his involvement on the court with coach Mike D’Antoni.

So, basically, Ariza and Green took the fall for the squad.[/media]

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