Rajon Rondo Hits Anthony Davis with Off Backboard Alley-Oop

As of one day ago, the bottom half of teams in the Western Conference were fighting for their playoff lives. The field has settled a bit and Anthony Davis has propelled the New Orleans Pelicans into the postseason with a win over the Los Angeles Clippers last night. All that is left is the seeding and whether the Denver Nuggets or Minnesota Timberwolves make that eighth and final playoff spot.

One of the highlights from the game was The Brow raising up for the alley-oop off a pretty pass from Rajon Rondo. In the third quarter and in transition, Rondo was leading the four-on-one up the floor and managed to hit Davis with a dish off the glass and he finished with authority.

Depending on where they end up, the Pels can give a few teams in the West a scare and short trip in the postseason, especially if AD keeps playing at a high level.

The Brow finished the game with 28 points and 6 rebounds.

On the other side of the coin, the Clippers gave it their best shot, but they will not be seeing the playoffs and last night’s loss made it official. It was a good season for the team, exceeding the expectations anyone had for them after the controversy and team shake-up.

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