Russell Westbrook Drops Career-High 58 Points Against Trail Blazers

The MVP talk is ramping up and Russell Westbrook is at the center of it, along with names like James Harden and Kawhi Leonard. The thing separating him from them? Averaging a goddamn triple double for the season like a completely monster. Russ is on fire, regardless on whether you think he pads rebound stats or not.

Tonight against the Portland Trail Blazers, he went off on the scoring sheet.

Russell snapped off for a career-high 58 points in the loss, shooting 21-39. He only had 3 rebounds and was one assist away from a double double, with 9.

Unfortunately, the Oklahoma City Thunder don’t win when Westbrook doesn’t tally up a triple double. The team is actually 11-23 when he doesn’t. But when he does, it’s a world of difference. The Thunder are 24-6 in the games that Russ is scoring, facilitating and crashing the boards.

Damian Lillard had 22 points and 8 assists, while C.J. McCollum 21 points as the Blazers continue fighting for that last playoff spot, chasing the Denver Nuggets.

FINAL: POR 126 | OKC 121

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