Russell Westbrook Explains Basketball Friendships On and Off the Court

We’ve all seen Russell Westbrook play like the ferocious dog he is on the basketball court. He plays with so much passion and aggression that most people on the opposing team are intimidated and get out of his way when he’s going full throttle.

Last night, in what was probably an emotional game for him, his new team took on his old team.

The Houston Rockets ended up winning 116-112 against the Oklahoma City Thunder, but after the game, Russ talked to the media about his old teammates and friendships.

He said that on the court, he has no friends besides his teammates. He doesn’t talk to anyone on the opposing team at all, but it’s different before and after the game. His old OKC teammates know what time it is, which is why they understand, but some of those players are some of his best friends off the court.

While we understand what he’s talking about, it’ll be interesting to see how he acts when the Rockets return to Oklahoma City for that first game back.

For now, Westbrook has the advantage.

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