Russell Westbrook & James Harden Reveal Nipsey Hussle Had Plans for Sports Agency

GQ Magazine has enlisted James Harden and Russell Westbrook for their newest cover and the two had plenty to say. From their game day style to how much each spends on fashion a year, the two opened up in a different way.

They also spoke on their friend Nipsey Hussle and the plans he had in the future. Apparently, he was looking to open up a sports agency.

Westbrook said this of his death:

“James was one of the first calls I made. There was no hesitation about it because we understand his impact, what he was doing and why. We understand who he was. It wasn’t no fluff. Now the rest of the world understands.”

Harden on seeing him days before his death and his plans on a sports agency:

“I had rented a house in L.A., and he pulled up by himself—no security, no nothing. Beats [by Dre] set a whole dinner up. They came and cooked at the house, and we were talking. He had a deal with a casino.

So me, him, and [James’ manager] Zo and all the homies, we were just talking about it. We just had an in-depth conversation, smoking a cigar in the back, just chopping it up about how big we can make this. And then one day I’m sitting back in Vegas, and I get the phone call, and I’m like, ‘It’s impossible.’

I still want to figure out how to make [the agency] happen. Like, that’s one of my goals.”

You can read the full March cover story at GQ and peep some shots from the shoot below.

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