Scottie Pippen Says LeBron James Is Not ‘Clutch’ Like Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant

First Take is always throwing out some outlandish hot take about the NBA or whatever sport, but live from Charlotte, NC for the All-Star break, one of their guests came on and threw out some shit that probably has LeBron James a little salty.

Scottie Pippen was a guest on the show and he was talking about the comparisons of Michael Jordan to LBJ with Stephen A. Smith, saying it’s unfair for him.

Pippen thinks he actually compares to him more than MJ and the reason why he can’t be in the conversation with even Kobe Bryant is because LeBron does not have the “clutch gene” down the stretch to take over games.

Players that he said have the gene right now: Russell Westbrook, Paul George, Kawhi Leonard.

He gave an example about his play against the Atlanta Hawks the other day, when he made zero effort down the stretch to help close the game. The Los Angeles Lakers ultimately lost the game against them and it’s looking like the team is not going to make the playoffs at this point.

Considering James deferred to Kyrie Irving in that one NBA Finals where they beat the Golden State Warriors, we might have to agree that the King doesn’t have it in him.

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