Steve Kerr Admits D’Angelo Russell Was Not A Fit with Warriors

Now that dust has settled on the Golden State Warriors in the midst of so many roster moves this season and the past few weeks, Steve Kerr has spoken on how it all went down. In talking to the media, the Dub Nation coach was blunt and said that D’Angelo Russell was not a good fit with Klay Thompson and Steph Curry in the lineup. He feels like Andrew Wiggins is a better positional fit, mentioning that he will not have the pressure of being the main guy, especially when the Splash Brothers get back.

He also spoke what they expect from Wiggins right now, like running the wing and play hard defense.

Through the season, it has been a great challenge to be in this position for Kerr, who has enjoyed a championship run with the Warriors so far. The D-Lo trade rumors had been there since they acquired him from the Brooklyn Nets, so it’s interesting to see they finally pulled the trigger.

Now they can move forward with the young guys they have, as they continue learning the system before they get Klay and Steph back next season.

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