EXCLUSIVE: The Lakers 21-3 Record & LeBron James Still Being the King are an Illusion

EXCLUSIVE: The LeBron & Kuzma Locker Room Meltdown

Before we say anything, we have to send our condolences to the real Los Angeles Lakers fans, who know that Kobe Bryant is the only King the team (and NBA) has seen this decade.

Before LeBron James arrived and ruined this franchise from future prosperity, Lake Show hopeful were rebuilding through the NBA Draft with Jim Buss and Mitch Kupchak still running things at the time. Now, fast-forward a few years and firings later and there’s an illusion going on that 35-year-old can still lead the team to promise and win a championship.

The Lakers have already started the season with a 21-3 record; as so-called experts have them as the clear-cut favorites next June. However, that’s not the case, as the Lake Show, led by your King, have been beating teams with the help of referees and the NBA to keep interest in horrible ratings under .500.

We understand that the league needs stories and headlines to present their main attraction; but eventually, they’re going to have to start playing somebody. It’s only so long they’ll be able to hide, before getting exposed in the process by teams that know how to close games.

With February just 8 weeks away, the annual #LeBronJamesTradeEverybody festivities will be going down again, because this is not the team he’ll be playing with in April when the playoffs start.

The team is literally being saved by Anthony Davis, who leads them in virtually every statistical category except assists. So, he’s not coming in at the end of games to boost stats, when things are already over to cheat the game like some people.

Come June, when LeBron is fishing alongside the rest of his banana boat members, we’ll give you a refresher on what went wrong.

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15 of their 21 wins against teams under .500

Charlotte | 9-16
Memphis | 6-16 (Played Twice)
San Antonio | 9-14 (Played Twice)
Chicago | 8-16
Phoenix | 10-12
Golden State | 5-19
Sacramento | 9-13
Atlanta | 6-17
Oklahoma City | 10-12 (Played Twice)
New Orleans | 6-17
Portland | 9-15
Minnesota | 10-12


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