EXCLUSIVE: The Latest on the Kyle Kuzma vs. LeBron James & Lakers Behind-the-Scenes Trade Issue

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Just two weeks ago, Kyle Kuzma’s trainer took to social media to shockingly call out LeBron James. Over the holidays, the Los Angeles Clippers publicly said that the King was ducking Kawhi Leonard in the fourth quarter of their game. This was followed by Kuzma even co-signing the situation, saying “calling a spade a spade.”

However, Kuzma immediately removed this tweet and was brought into a meeting, where a front office person told him to fire his trainer. This led to him also meeting with LeBron James, as the two privately patched things, but we’re hearing that things aren’t exactly hashed out.

The Lakers aren’t necessary mad at Kuzma for bringing up this situation, but they’re annoyed because it makes their current money generator look bad. Behind-the-scenes, LeBron is still ticked off about the situation, and believes that the trainer wouldn’t publicly say this if it wasn’t co-signed by Kuzma.

At the moment, the Los Angeles Lakers are officially listening to trade offers for Kyle. However, NO TEAM IS ALLOWED TO DISCUSS ANY TRADE DISCUSSIONS PUBLICLY, so we don’t expect to see anything involved Kuzma.

The current trade we’re hearing is that the Lakers are looking to trade Kuzma to the Cleveland Cavaliers for Tristan Thompson (and multiple draft picks), who’s part of the Klutch Sports regime. After trading Jordan Clarkson last month, the Cavs cleared up cap space to sign Kuzma, who will likely command a max-deal after his rookie contract expires next season.

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