Watch Ray Allen’s “Close Range” Documentary for GQ

Steph Curry has been ushered as the greatest shooter of all time, but before him, that title belonged to Ray Allen. So what has the OG been doing in retirement?

That’s what this Close Range documentary is all about.

From Ray explaining some of the work he’s been doing outside of the league, to his wife talking about how things have changed for them now. She said she didn’t even want him to retire at first, but Allen has spent a good amount of time being a full-time father, running their Grown drive-through restaurant and doing philanthropic work overseas.

Not to mention his golf games with retired players.

It’s pretty interesting to see what life is like for Ray, especially after such clutch shots in his career, but it’s good to check out him with his family and teaching his kids how to play ball. At the end of the day, he’s found peace and just wants to be a better person for society.


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