Watch Unreleased Footage of Derrick Rose When He Got Traded to Knicks

It’s been a tumultuous career for Derrick Rose after he left the Chicago Bulls. Not only because of injury, but how much he loved the city and how he left.

Though we’ve all seen him reestablish himself in Minnesota with the Timberwolves after stints in Cleveland and New York, we can now see how hurt he was when he got the news of his trade to the Knicks. Stadium unleashed footage of D. Rose at the exact moment he got the call and it wasn’t pretty.

As you can see, he was filming a documentary at the time and he was nervous to begin with because rumors were circling. Then he got a call from BJ Armstrong, who delivered the bad news to him in the middle of the interview.

He quickly went outside and was shocked by the news. You can hear he was in tears upon hearing the trade was confirmed to him. It’s a tough watch.

Below, you can see his brother speak on draft night and how Rose told the Bulls not to draft him if they weren’t okay with his brother and what the mistakes he had in the past. Chance The Rapper also spoke on the impact that he had on his own community and helping out in the neighborhood.

One time for D. Rose, man. He’s a legend.

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Derrick Rose got traded from the Bulls to the Knicks in 2016. Check out Rose’s reaction immediately after he was called about the trade.

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