EXCLUSIVE: What We Were Told after Kawhi Leonard’s Conversation with Magic Johnson Leaked

LeBron James really had nothing to do with this. . .

Behind the scenes here, we’re happy that Kawhi Leonard didn’t go to the Lakers, because this puts pressure on LeBron James to deliver what he’s seeking in Los Angeles.

With arguably the best roster ever assembled for his career, the King got just what he wanted – in a sense of being the only superstar on his team with no interference.

Well, this weekend, we’ve got intel on the reasoning for Kawhi changing his mind on joining the purple and gold. 10 days ago, the Klaw asked for Magic Johnson and Jeanie Buss to have a sit-down conversation about joining the team.

In the conversation, he asked Johnson only one question, “Did you guys try to trade for me, when I was in San Antonio.” The team said yes, but the Spurs simply wanted too much (see: Kyle Kuzma) and the deal couldn’t be made.

With Kobe Bryant being the sole reason Kawhi initially wanted to come to the Lakers, the conversation immediately changed his decision late last month; after details from the meeting were leaked to the public. After Magic allegedly discussed what happened in the meeting, Leonard’s camp, which includes Cris Carter’s former agent, wasn’t pleased with the news becoming public.

So, Kawhi and Uncle Dennis lost all trust in the organization and had a last meeting with the team to inform them that he wasn’t coming.

Essentially, the Los Angeles Lakers blew this golden opportunity to land the best player in the world, which we’re expecting Magic to have no role in the future for the team in any capacity.

With the team stuck with LeBron James for the next two years, until he allegedly goes back to Cleveland; we’re under the impression that Kobe Bryant and Rob Pelinka are already looking at future top free agents like Giannis Antetokounmpo and possibly C.J. McCollum.

We’re just wondering what kind of person would leak this information. It’s blasphemous to not want somebody on your team of this magnitude and greatness. We’re sure it couldn’t be another player that wouldn’t want Kawhi in Los Angeles stealing all the shine, all in the video.

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Disclaimer: I don’t give a fuck what’s been reported by “reporters.” This article is what we’ve been told.

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