Microsoft Explains Graphic & Power Differences for Xbox Scorpio System

Look for the official unveiling in 3 weeks!

With e3 rapidly approaching, Microsoft is sharing minor tidbits for their upcoming mid-generation console release, Xbox Scorpio. The upgrade to the Xbox One, which we’re touting as an entirely different console, is set to hit retailers next holiday season. However, before gamers get their hands on the shiny new piece of hardware, Microsoft Corporate Vice President, Mike Ybarra, shared some major information – regarding the performance ability for the console.

In a recent Q&A on Twitter, he revealed that developers will be free to choose how they want to use to power of Project Scorpio for games. He also cited how the system will not limit frame-rate or fidelity. This means developers will make the final decision on how they want their specific titles presented across the Xbox One and Scorpio platforms for online play.

With first party titles set to see a jump at 4K HDR later this year, the original Xbox One audiences may have to convey on getting a new console, if they want to feel limited during online play. Just last week, Bungie had to sadly explain why the PlayStation 4 Pro couldn’t run their upcoming Destiny 2 title at 4K 60-frames-per-second, and opted to not share details on their Scorpio release.

Given the insane comparison edge to One, we wouldn’t be surprised if Sony really does unveil their PlayStation 5 console next month. Let us know in the comments if you plan on purchasing an Xbox Scorpio this fall, for the right price (our guesstimate would be in the $499 USD range).

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