NFL 2K Series Return Gets Major Update from 2K Sports

NFL 2K Series 2023 Return Gets Major Update

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NFL 2K series 2023 return gets major update from those close to the long-awaited relaunch of the game with news before Madden 23. This week, NFL 2K news has emerged, on the heels of the upcoming Madden NFL 23 release.

As you remember, 2K Sports was granted legal rights to make an arcade game with every NFL team, as well as a simulated football game without NFL teams (MyCareer). This week, Sports Gamers Online got some exclusive information about the pending title from 2K Sports.

In the reveal, a source told them, “There is a lot going into this game, and they want it to be done the right way. If that means a longer development time, then that’s what they are willing to do.” Before the start of the pandemic, some were expecting the game to release last year, and then it was pushed back to this year.

Now with no launch date set, the source said that it was likely being targeted for a 2023 release. Lastly, he said, “Despite being arcade, this is still a true football game.”

While Madden is the only franchise allowed to make a licensed simulation football game with teams and players, we’re curious to see how true their football game will be next year.

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