Sony Addresses 2020 Release Date for PS5, First Look at Photo-Realistic Gaming

Late 2020. . .

Last month, Sony officially confirmed that the PlayStation 5 was on the way. While many were expecting the gaming giant to debut new hardware at e3 next month, Sony has decided to skip this year’s event. Microsoft is set to unveil their Xbox Scarlett Multi-Device console for 2020, as well as fans getting a look at updated hardware for the Nintendo Switch.

Recently, Sony’s PR department held an end of financial year press conference and revealed that the PS5 would not be arriving before April 2020. Considering the company is planning to incorporate the PSVR headset into the PlayStation 5, we’re anticipating an official release date announcement before the end of summer. It’s likely that the device is slated for a holiday 2020 roll-out, which has been the belief of those within the gaming industry. Let us know in the comments if you’re ready for the PS5.

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