Sony Reveals Sales for their ‘PlayStation VR’ Device


The PSVR will re-stock in April!

Last November, Sony launched their mid-generation console upgrade, with the PlayStation Pro system. However, the jump to 4K HDR gaming wasn’t the only thing on their plateau, as they also rolled out a PlayStation Virtual Reality Headset. The device, which is priced at $399.99 USD, has been on our wish list since last holiday; but the lack of quality titles, has held us back.

Last month, the Japanese company revealed that the first PlayStation 4 firmware update of the year would feature 3D Blu-ray support; which raised a few eye-brows behind-the-scenes here.

A few days ago, Sony Interactive Entertainment head, Andrew House, sat down with The New York Times to discuss their successful launch for the device. Surprisingly, the company is outpacing initial expectations, generating 915,000 sales of the unit – with supply set to catch up before May.

Originally, Sony expected to sale 1 million units with six months; but reached the milestone in just four. If you’re contemplating a PSVR device and have no hindrance on a budget or your gaming wallet; then by all means, go for it. From time with the unit, our favorite title was with Capcom’s Resident Evil 7 – really scary experience if you’re in a quiet area, and alone.

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