DC Comics Planning to Fill Delayed Batman Film Slot with Another Universe Film


The Batman coming 2019?

Last month, DC Comics broke the news of their Ben Affleck solo Dark Knight film being indefinitely delayed. At the moment, Warner Bros. has plans this year for DC Extended Universe films Wonder Woman and Justice League; but need a second film to pair with Aquaman next year.

The studios are desperately looking at five films within DC to aggressively move forward with next year – Suicide Squad 2, Dark Universe, The Flash, Green Lantern Corps and Gotham City Sirens. Originally, The Batman was slated to begin production early this year; but was on hold due to Affleck dropping out of director, producer and screenwriter duties.

After its production delay to next year, new director Matt Reeves is still finishing War for the Planet of the Apes – as well as a rumored complete script overhaul. We’re completely lost at what Warner Bros. is doing with the mess they’ve created at the DCU, but we hope this gets solved before 2018.

Let us know in the comments below which of the five films you’d like to see from DC Comics.

Warner Bros. Finally Gets Their Director & Producer for ‘The Batman’


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