Eminem and Dr. Dre Reminisce on Their First Time in the Studio Together

For those who watched HBO’s The Defiant Ones, you got an inside look at the life of both Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre and how they intersected to form a huge business venture. Well, a few of them. Not only from Apple buying Beats by Dre, but also with the rise of Interscope Records.

In a clip from episode four of the series, Eminem recalls the first time he met Dre. He was in the Interscope offices with him and Iovine, star struck, because these were some of the people he grew up idolizing since he was a kid. Then Dre talks about when they hit the studio and he put a beat he was working on at the time, which immediately got Em’s mind churning. Next thing you know, he’s spitting “Hi, My Name Is” and Dre was impressed.

The rest is history.

You can watch the full The Defiant Ones documentary directed by Allen Hughes on HBO now.

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