Watch the Season 3 Trailer for FX’s “Snowfall” Series

We were really excited to hear that FX’s Snowfall series would be renewed for a third season and equally as excited to see the trailer today. Though we lost show creator John Singleton just last month, the television series is moving forward.

In the trailer for season three we can see that Franklin is only growing more powerful and the business of crack cocaine is booming.

We can also see a few new characters come into the mix, his crew’s dealings with the police intensify and his business partners applying pressure because coke prices are going up and there is so much money they don’t know what the fuck to do with it. Judging on how last season went, it might be a fall for Saint and his crew.

Plus, why is Leon looking so brolic this season? And the dad is involved in the business now? Will anyone get caught up with the law?

Snowfall premieres on FX on June 10. We’re ready.

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