Ice Cube Confirms ‘Last Friday’ Movie Is in the Works

‘Last Friday’ coming soon!

Ice Cube‘s 1995 film Friday is not doubt a cult classic. It was later followed with two sequels with Next Friday and Friday After Next. While it was a little heartbreaking not to see Chris Tucker reprise his role as Smokey in either of the two. We did get to witness some other comic geniuses Mike Epps and Katt Williams careers take off.

There has been talks of a fourth and final installment of the acclaimed movie series for several years, and it looks like fans will finally be getting their wish. John Withersppon added to the rumors last month, but it is Ice Cube, who was recently on Late Show with James Corden, who confirmed the news of Last Friday being in the works.

Cube didn’t reveal anymore details about the forthcoming film, but we hope some of the familiar faces from the original three films will make a reprise in the new movie.

In addition to Last Friday, Ice Cube promoted his BIG3 basketball league, new music on the way to celebrate 25th anniversary of Death Certificate album and more.

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