Boi-1da Breaks Down How He Produced “Mob Ties” for Drake

Whether it was your first listen of Scorpion or your 100th, “Mob Ties” is undoubtedly one of the most played songs from Drake‘s latest project.

For those who weren’t aware, Boi-1da and Allen Ritter produced the record for Drizzy and thanks to SPLICE, we get to see how the Canadian producer cooked up the record for the 6 God. Int he video, 1da explains that the song started out like an R&B record (presumably for Side B of the album), then morphed into a haunting banger that The Boy killed.

Watch the video above and check out how the multi-platinum, GRAMMY winning producer crafted the track live from FL Studio.

Speaking of SPLICE, they just raised $57.5 million in funding and are tapped to pay out $15 million to artists under their umbrella.

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