Some of the Songs and Artists That Inspired Drake’s ‘Scorpion’ Album

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There were plenty of samples on Drake‘s new album Scorpion that shaped how the effort ended up. From him sampling the Atlanta episode about him, to him showing love to Power 93.7 in Buffalo, NY. Today on Instagram, he posted about some of the music that inspired him during the making of the project on his rides to the studio.

There are certainly some you may have never heard of and artists you wouldn’t expect. Among them, he had classics from 2pac and Biggie, and new artists like Gunna, Lil Baby, Sheck Wes, Flipp Dinero, and 03 Greedo. In the mix, he also listened to Starboy, Booggz, Loski, Octavian, Brent Faiyaz, City Girls, Tekno and more.

You can peep a lot of the material from the artists below, if you want to put yourself on to shit that Drizzy rides out to.

Smiley_61st – Buy.Or.Bye

2pac – All Eyez On Me

Booggz – The Suite Life 101

Loski – Call Me Lose

Octavian – Hands

03 Greedo “Sweet Lady”

Gunna – Drip Season 3

Tekno “Jogodo”

Starboy “Soco”

Sheck Wes “Chippi Chippi”

Flipp Dinero “Leave Me Alone”

Nai Palm – Needle Paw

The Notorious B.I.G. – Life After Death

Brent Faiyaz “Make Luv”

Lil Baby – Harder Than Ever

City Girls – Period

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