EXCLUSIVE: The Jay-Z vs. DJ Kay Slay Past Beef Examined after Cam’ron Recent Controversial Comments

The unspoken beef nobody ever talks. . .

Over the weekend, Norega held a special Drink Champs episode with a guest appearance from Cam’ron. For whatever reason, the public has been intrigued with hearing rehashed stories from the Harlem great. However, one situation was revealed for the first time ever to the masses, where Jay-Z said to Killa he would slap DJ Kay Slay if he ever saw him around Baseline Studios again.

While that’s hilarious to think Kay Slay would ever be touched, due to his street history in Manhattan, it made us remember various incidents that went down between the two. During the early 2000s, Jigga was engaging in back-and-forth’s with various rappers from Uptown, including Meeno of Harlem World. At the time, Jay gave Kay Slay a premiere to debut his verse on “Mind Right” remix responding to Meeno and other people around that Manhattan neighborhood.

Fast-forward a few months and Slay asked Jay for a favor, since he was essentially dominated the mixtapes before going to Hot 97. Jigga shrugs him off, which leads to Nas asking him to debut “Ether” a few months later. DJ Kay Slay became the first person to premiere “Ether” on one of his mixtapes a few months later. This didn’t sit well with Jay, who was at the peak of his career in the urban world with Blueprint 1.

However, Kay Slay went to Hot 97 with the track, giving it mainstream light before Nas album released. The public went to crown Nas the King of New York, immediately, as the relationship with Jay and Slay was over. During that same holiday season, Kay Slay revealed that Jay called him on New Years Eve.

This was documented by Slay on a Street Streeper Radio episode on Eminem’s Shade 45 station, where he had to stop and look at the phone in disbelief that multi-millionaire of Jay’s stature was calling him on New Year’s. Now, months later, Cam’ron and The Diplomats get their deal with Roc-a-Fella Records and that didn’t sit well with Jigga. Not that it was the Diplomats coming to the Roc, but because it wasn’t discussed with him.

That was Dame’s entire decision by himself, with possibly fellow Harlem native Biggs co-signing the situation. So, after that, Slay is seen at the Roc-a-Fella offices in Def Jam, helping curate The Diplomats Vol. 1. With Jay showing animosity at everyone from Harlem there, Slay went out of his way to have mixtape premieres from Prodigy, Noyd, Diplomats, and even Jaz-O, who all had disses at Hov.

However, the one track that pushed Jay over the edge, was Fat Joe’s “King of NY” freestyle. For some reason, we’ve never seen this track uploaded to DatPiff or YouTube, so if you have it, drop it in the comments. With things calming down between both sides until Cam’s eventual exit from the Roc, Kay Slay had one last controversial premiere.

On his Street Streeper radio, The Diplomats came to the offices and debuted “I’m Not a Writer, I’m a Biter” track. Surprisingly, Jigga didn’t respond, as he waited an entire year and some change to address Cam’ron on Kingdome Come. With Jay essentially making peace with everyone he’s ever beefed with; we do find it quite odd why he’s had a disdain for Kay Slay this long. Take a look at media below.

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