Joe Budden Explains the Real Story Behind Drake’s “8 out of 10” Kanye West Diss

Conspiracy theorist joe. . .

Nearly a week removed from his album, Drake is still at the helm of discussions in the music world. With the Toronto rapper enjoying the biggest streaming week for an artist ever, as well as having a platinum certification for the project after four days; more attention has gravitated his way.

Over the weekend, Joe Budden booked a flight to Los Angeles to handle some business out west and spent the bulk of his time in the air examining side-A of the Scorpion album.

Joe felt the masses were hearing the project wrong and felt that only insiders were able to read between the lines, initially. After direct-messaging The Boy soon after and getting confirmation that he was right, Budden gave a deep dive into Drake’s 8 out of 10 diss track at Kanye West.

He went to say the song’s second verse, matched with the first verse of Emotionless,” citing that the project was edited after Pusha T’s Story of Adidon track. Watch more from the revelation below, where he also goes into detail on things that led to Drizzy’s original Duppy Freestyle.”

G.O.O.D. stuff at the 12-minute mark

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