EXCLUSIVE: How Nicki Minaj Allegedly Ruined the Drake & Swizz Beatz Relationship by Mistake

Real Right. . . .

A few days ago, Swizz Beatz of the well-respected Ruff Ryders camp, went viral for an unfortunate situation. He had a few disrespectful things to say about Drake, during a live session on the gram. With a recent track leaking from Drizzy, Swizzy went made it apparent that he didn’t like his former collaborator.

During the 6-God’s initial introduction to the public, Swizz was one of the only producers he worked with, outside of 40. The very first track on his debut album, featured Alicia Keys, wife of Swizz Beatz. The pair also had a stand-out cut on Thank Me Later entitled “Fancy” – which later became a single. We expected many more collaborations to happen down the line, but the two drifted apart.

The last time we ever saw Drake linked to Swizz, was on the A-Keys remix for “Un-Thinkable (I’m Ready).” During the single’s press run, Nicki Minaj was asked about working with Drake and allegedly let it slip that he wrote the entire song for Mrs. Keys. This was confidential information that was supposed to be kept quiet from the masses.

We didn’t think too much of it when it happened, because a single song from Alicia wouldn’t affected her iconic status. What the public saw online with Mr. Swizz Beatz seeming out of character, is not out of the norm for those that have been around him.

To this day, the Ruff Ryders camp are some of the most respected people in the streets – beyond music. Seeing several people from OVO speak out raised our eyes, maybe because they’re not in the known of how Real Right moves. Considering Drake and Nicki are still having issues, this one of many things that led the two apart in recent years.

Peep media below.

Un-Thinkable (I’m Ready)



DMX wasn’t going out of his way to randomly diss Drake

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