ScHoolboy Q Explains his Past Depression, Critics, Pressures of Life with Charlamagne Tha God

Considering Charlamagne Tha God has written books about anxiety and depression, ScHoolboy Q made sure he talked to him during this CrasH Talk album run.

In their conversation, they talked about a myriad of things, like letting fans get to him on social media, not paying attention to reviews and how he got into golf. He also spoke on the type of father he is and why he wants all girls when it comes to being a dad.

He also dove into some serious topics, including how he feels about being famous and providing for his family. In that segment of the interview, he explains how it’s hard to keep a million dollars and how devastated he would be if he had to tell his daughter that her whole life had to change because things weren’t going good anymore.

In talking about reviews, he said he doesn’t care about them anymore because when Blank Face dropped, he was getting critical acclaim, but his shows weren’t getting sold out and it didn’t add up to him. He was confused about it. Now he feels like he’s going back to his core fans and won’t pay attention to reviews much.

Q got vulnerable at one part of the interview when he started talking about Nipsey Hussle and how it wasn’t fair he died because he did so much good in his community, and broke down when he started speaking about Mac Miller. Just the thought that it wasn’t expected and he could never talk to him again broke his heart. Later on in the interview, he named off artists like Thundercat, Anderson .Paak, The Internet, and Vince Staples as people in the industry that were around him and how hypocritical it was of certain people to pay homage to him when they weren’t around.

It’s a 40-minute interview, so ScHoolboy talks about a lot, but he gets super personal and opens up to Charlamagne throughout. It’s a must watch.

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