Tuxedo – Shy (feat. Zapp)

Artist: Tuxedo feat. Zapp
Song: “Shy
Producer: Jake One, Zapp
Album: TBD
Director: Jason Lester

We can’t even lie, this TuxedoShy” single has been in heavy rotation since it came out. It’s got that perfect old school sound to make it sound throwback, but with that new generation soulfulness from Mayer Hawthorne and Jake One. Plus, it actually features the legendary Zapp, which puts the official funk stamp on the record. The video takes place in a warehouse in L.A. as Hawthorne and Jake are performing, with a handful of ladies in roller skates dancing all over the place. From the first floor routine to the second floor optics, if this song doesn’t make you move, you need to check your pulse.

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