Adam Silver Says the Cavs and Warriors Aren’t Dynasties Yet

For the first time in NBA history, we will witness two teams go back to back to back in the NBA Finals. The Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors will meet each other for the third year in a row, as most are calling it ‘The Trilogy.’ But there’s one person who is putting the pump on the brakes when it comes to the overhype on the NBA Finals.

Adam Silver was on ESPN’s Mike & Mike radio show and said both the Cavs and Warriors aren’t dynasties and have some time before people should consider them so.

“So, when I hear people say that these are now the two teams that are dynasties. You know, think back, you guys know the history. We have the Lakers and Celtics—the Celtics have won 17 championships, Lakers 16—that’s almost half of all championships won in the NBA by those two teams. Now [the Cavs and Warriors] are being called dynasties. One [Cleveland] before last year had never won in the history of the NBA. Golden State hadn’t won in 40 years.”

In the same show, he also said that the two teams have no messed up the NBA landscape and made things less competitive. If anything, he thinks more teams aside from the Cavaliers and Warriors are competitive in the league and it’s absurd that folks think so. And this is coming from a guy who is against ‘Super Teams’ in the NBA.

But you know, this is their third straight finals and people have been predicting they would meet in the finals since last year. So yeah, Adam. There’s no competition right now.

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