Draymond Green Talks $100M Deal, Being an Underdog and Kevin Durant Leaving

Earlier this month, Draymond Green secured the bag and signed an extension with the Golden State Warriors worth $100 million dollars. This meant that Dub Nation is keeping their core players of Green, Steph Curry and Klay Thompson.

In a sit-down with Rachel Nichols, Draymond talked about what that extension meant to him coming from Saginaw, MI and why the odds were always stacked against him. As he put it, there have been several instances the past week or so where he couldn’t believe he signed for so much. It is truly unbelievable to him.

Throughout the rest of the interview, he also talked about the Warriors being underdogs and Kevin Durant leaving the team and how he wasn’t contacted beforehand. He found out like everyone else. But he’s cool with it because KD doesn’t owe anything to anyone. According to Draymond, it’s his life and it’s his prerogative to do what he wants.

Watch the full interview up top and find out why you shouldn’t count Golden State out going into next season and beyond.

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