Examining the Karl-Anthony Towns, Jimmy Butler & T-Wolves Internal Beef

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Over the summer, it was revealed that Jimmy Butler was reportedly fed up with the Timberwolves (really the weakness of Karl-Anthony Towns) and was looking for a trade before his pending free agency. This summer, Butler is expected to opt out of his deal with the team and hit the free agent market, as many are expecting him and Kyrie Irving to pair up on the NY Knicks.

For whatever reason, some believe Jimmy wants to play with LeBron James in Los Angeles. However, we explained a few months ago, that the King didn’t want Butler on his team – citing that he takes the game too serious (or actually wants to win rings). Well, this week, Butler met with the team to discuss his issues with the franchise, as things don’t look to be making any progress for their future.

It’s likely that Jimmy is going to get traded soon, and if not, just play out his contract and leave in 10 months. Losing him for nothing may not be in their best interest, which they could get picks and expiring contracts as compensation. This has led to Karl-Anthony Towns coming out to say that he will not re-sign a new super-max deal with the team until the Jimmy Butler situation is resolved.

The 22-year-old has given the team an ultimatum to trade Butler now or he’ll decline the October rookie extension deadline. Unfortunately for him, this could lead to his career spiraling for the worse without a floor leader and captain like Butler not on the team.

When Jimmy does leave, the T-Wolves will become top-five draft lottery team, which could see him wasting away his younger years (see: Kevin Garnett). Considering Minnesota isn’t a free agent destination, it could be a few years before they get decent pieces back around their franchise player.

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