Fox Sports Believes LeBron James will Surpass Michael Jordan as the Greatest

Chris Broussard joins Colin Cowherd to talk about L.B.J. legacy

Due to questionable off-season moves made by the Golden State Warriors, many of us here believe LeBron James may be winning a few more championships – while his prime years are still present.

Yesterday, Chris Broussard joined Colin Cowherd on Fox Sports to talk NBA Basketball, since the NFL is on break for a few days. The two would discuss an eye-raising topic, regarding the King James legacy and how they believe he will surpass Michael Jordan as the greatest basketball player ever.

While LeBron has already cemented his legacy as one of the legends, the two brought up arguments how Jordan played in a watered-down era, when hand checking was allowed (sarcasm). Let us know below if you think the King has a chance to surpass Jeffrey if he wins another pair of titles.

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