Jeanie Buss Breaks Silence on Magic Johnson Quitting Lakers

Though Magic Johnson made a whole press run surrounding his exit, on the other side of the coin, Jeanie Buss has been quiet since that happened.

At last night’s NBA Awards, the owner of the Los Angeles Lakers broker her silence on the state of the team and what’s on the horizon with them. And according to her, everything is all good. The organization is in good hands.

As she puts it, she has faith in Rob Pelinka and what he’s doing so far. She also confessed she was taken off guard when Magic stepped down and that she could have received more notice but he’s full of surprises and always has. Jeanie couldn’t comment on Anthony Davis, yet we seemed a sense of relief on the state of the Lake Show, but stressed they still had more work to do.

Are the Lakers better off without Magic than they are with him?

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