Kawhi Leonard Talks Playoff Injuries, Toronto Embracing Him and His Personality

Rachel Nichols can really get a lot out of players, especially those who don’t say much like Kawhi Leonard. During a new episode of The Jump, the ESPN host talked to The KLAW about some things going on with him and while he remained robotic and cyborg through the first half, he finally broke out of it towards the end.

During the interview, she asked how he feels about the city of Toronto embracing him and what he’s done for the franchise and his upcoming free agency. He also spoke on being injured during the playoffs and he mentioned how you just have to push through it in order to win. Oh yeah, don’t forget he spoke on that trash talking on the court too.

When things got more candid, she asked about his personality, his laugh and what people may think of him. He actually opened up a bit and said he’s “a fun guy” again, but said he loves to golf, fish and kick it with his daughter.

For not being so animated, there were some comedic moments in the interview.

Learn a tad bit more about Kawhi up top and get ready for Game 4 of the NBA Finals between the Golden State Warriors and Toronto Raptors tonight.

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