Kevin Durant Was Misdiagnosed by Warriors Doctors, According to Jay Williams

It has been days since Kevin Durant went down on the floor in Game 5 of the NBA Finals, but it’s still the talk of the NBA, especially with the series ramping up again tonight.

On this morning’s Get Up! Jay Williams spoke on some of the reports that came out before hand and he believes Durant was misdiagnosed by the Golden State Warriors staff. Doris Burke reported right before the game that the Warriors said he could only re-injure his calf, and Jay Will expressed that KD was told the same. He said that they told him there was no chance he could hurt his Achilles, at all.

But we know what happened in the second quarter.

He said the Warriors handled his injury all wrong and not announcing he’d be back in Game 5 when that was the plan all along, messed with KD psychologically.

For Golden State, it was their priority to win the game and get a 3-peat more than the long-term effects of Durant and his calf injury.

Regardless of what happened, it’s unfortunate for Kevin. It’ll be a long recovery, and he’s slated to miss most of next season. According to Adrian Wojnarowski, it’s likely he misses the entire 2019-2020 season.

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