Kevin Durant Opens Up About Media Blow Up, Warriors Season & Off-Court Business

Last week, Kevin Durant blew up on the media for asking him “free agency” questions and he told the members that were present that he just wants to play basketball. He said that he doesn’t know who trade Kristaps Porzingis and that the New York Knicks do not concern him. All he wants to do is play basketball and focus on his own team.

Today on ESPN’s Get Up!, KD spoke to Mike Greenberg, Jayson Williams and Richard Jefferson about that very blow up and though they kept it light, Durant still expressed why he did it. He told them that he got frustrated at the beat Golden State Warriors beat writers who smile in his face and write stuff that’s not true behind his back and said he wants to focus on getting better every day, not the outside noise. He also said that he’s been blocking out the off-court drama for years (so how do you explain the burner accounts?) and doesn’t pay it no mind.

Obviously, Kevin needs more people because we don’t believe that.

Throughout the interview, he spoke on the motivation the team uses to continue winning and staying in top shape, DeMarcus Cousins joining, staying focused throughout the season and what it means to him to keep at a high level.

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