Kevin Garnett Responds to the Situation With the Timberwolves

By no means was Kevin Garnett a saint when he played in the NBA. He had his fair share of tirades and blow-ups during his tenure with the Minnesota Timberwolves, Boston Celtics and Brooklyn Nets and he’s watching what’s going on with Jimmy Butler and can’t help but to shake his head.

In an interview with The Athletic, he sounded off about what’s going on in Minnesota, looking at the situation from both sides of the coin:

“It’s a shit storm up there. I think both sides are a little delusional. I think Jimmy thinks his worth is a little more than what it is. He’s a very good player. I don’t see him on the [Kevin Durant] and LeBron [James] level. But if they are A-plus, he’s definitely A, A-minus.

I don’t know if he had the power to come out and force a trade like this. He can be disruptive, but I don’t know if he actually had the clout to come out and do that. I don’t know if Jimmy has enough juice to be that.

What’s really the shit storm is that can’t nobody keep shit in practice. What goes on in practice should always stay in practice. And what goes on between two conglomerates as businesses should always stay [private]. Everything is so god damn public now.”

He also stood up for the young core the T-Wolves have, saying Karl-Anthony Towns and Andrew Wiggins are his guys and if it was him, he wouldn’t request a trade.

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