Kobe Bryant Doesn’t Know How To Fix the Lakers

Kobe Bryant has been ESPN’s special guest for days and today on First Take, the Black Mamba visited Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman to talk about his new Musecage series and the state of the Los Angeles Lakers organization with life after he left.

The very first question thrown at him was actually how he would fix the team. He replied smoothly by saying he doesn’t work for them, so he wouldn’t know how to.

Later in the interview, he clarified and said he would always be there for them for whatever they would need, whether it was advice about something or just to help out in any way he could. He’s still got love for the team and wants what’s best for the franchise.

Kobe also went on to talk about the SHAQ statue unveiling, his new passion after retirement, looking back at the NBA when he played versus now and more.

You can watch both parts of Kobe Bryant’s Musecage series on the next page.

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