LeBron James Explains Reaction On Bench Following JR Smith Blunder

At this point, we’ve all caught that video of LeBron James sitting on the bench right after the JR Smith NBA Finals Game 1 blunder. He asked Coach Lue if the team had any timeouts left and when he learned they did, he slumped over in disappointment and you could see the heartbreak in his eyes afterwards.

In talking to the media today, he takes things back to that exact moment and what he was thinking when it all went down on the bench.

Apparently, the reaction wasn’t so much because of what JR did, but the culmination of everything that happened and losing out on an opportunity for an extra possession. Before he asked the coaching staff whether or not they had a timeout, he was replaying the events. From the missed free throws, Draymond Green‘s lane violation, him thinking he had a lane to the basket and then calling a timeout and not getting it; he didn’t want it to be a Chris Webber situation because it would have been game over.

Ultimately, when he learned they did have a timeout, the opportunity at the win slipped away. Overtime was just that shit that made his soul burn slow.

Game 3 goes down tomorrow in Cleveland, as the Cavs avoid being swept.

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