Lebron James, Kevin Durant and Carmelo Anthony Play Pickup Basketball

A LeBron James vs. Kevin Durant matchup is not out of the ordinary. We’ll see it Christmas Day. We’ll probably see it again for the NBA Finals. But add Carmelo Anthony to the mix while those two are on the court? That might only happen during the All-Star game. It could have happened if ‘Melo would have gotten traded to the Cavs, but the only team he’s interested in playing for next season is the Houston Rockets.

Which is why this pickup game involving all three is so interesting.

During Academy Basketball ‘Black Ops’ training BlackOut Sessions, King James, KD, Melo, J.R. Smith, Enes Kanter and more participated in a quick game of hoop and it’s no surprise that the three biggest names were crushing the competition on the court.

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