Paul George Opens Up About Oklahoma City Move, His Future and Competing With Super Teams

Sometimes you can’t help where you end up and Paul George had no idea he would find himself in Oklahoma City playing alongside Russell Westbrook next season, contending in the Western Conference. Well, you know, as much as they could against the Golden State Warriors.

All signs pointed towards his return home to Los Angeles and suiting up in that purple and gold for the Lakers in 2018. Those plans seemed to have changed a bit because in PG13’s talk with Adrian Wojnarowski, he addressed those rumors and he didn’t leave OKC out to dry.

George said he has a great opportunity in Oklahoma City right now and he is looking forward to making the most of it. It’s not every day you get to play with an MVP caliber talent like Westbrook, and with the ever changing landscape of the NBA, he knows this is the name of the game. Super Teams have clearly taken over the league and now he’s on a squad with two All-Stars.

He hasn’t planned out how him and Russ are going to play quite yet, but did mention they had great conversations already. He says Westbrook is nothing like what you see on the court or what people may think of him from the outside looking in. They’ve already laughed, joked and hit it off.

He also gave props to Sam Presti for putting all his chips towards him, seeing as how he’s risking two young assets for PG13. He was impressed the organization had that much faith in him.

Could Oklahoma City lure him out of going to L.A.? That’s the question.

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