The Real Story on Kyrie Irving’s Fallout with The Celtics

#KnicksBound summer nineteen?

Less than a month ago, the Boston Celtics were in a serious push to make their first NBA Finals in a decade. The team came just one game shy of making the big stage; as they unfortunately lost to King James the Cleveland Cavaliers. However, after being on the bench for multiple games, team captain, Kyrie Irving was mysteriously missing from game 7 of the series at home.

Reports revealed that Kyrie needed an immediate minor nasal surgery for his deviated septum. Well, this raised a few eyebrows across the sports world, which many believed Kyrie was jealous of his fellow teammates making it to the finals without him. While we believe this wasn’t the case, Danny Ainge has created an uncomfortable situation for the team heading forward into 2019.

Less than a weeks ago, Kyrie held a very-dry press conference with Boston media, where he revealed he had no desire to sign a contract extension this summer. He said that inking a contract before he’s eligible for a super-max next summer made no sense – financially. Well, there’s something deeper into those words and his demeanor after dealing with media last week.

Allegedly, Danny Ainge inquired about Kawhi Leonard of the Spurs, which would involve a trade around Kyrie Irving. This, allegedly, happened just days before reports surfaced that the team was scared of Kyrie leaving Boston to sign with the New York Knicks.

This would mark Ainge’s second time with his hand caught in the cookie jar, as he unexpected traded Isaiah Thomas last year – almost planning to do the same again this year to Irving.

Considering his agent relaying the news to him a few days ago and him being visibly irritated to discuss things beyond next season; we wouldn’t be surprised if he’s already made his 2019 plans.

Let us know if you think the relationship can be repaired or if he’s already out.

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