Kawhi Leonard Issues First Statements to Spurs, Leaving Questions after Trade

OVO Kawhi. . .

Since his trade to the Toronto Raptors, Kawhi Leonard and his uncles have been quiet on their future. One thing no one will ever deny, is that the camp is happy to leave the San Antonio Spurs; who they had a falling out with during his injury-year last season.

While he’s yet to have a sit-down interview for his arrival to the Toronto Raptors, he issues his first public statements to the city of San Antonio and its Spurs organization.

In the message, the claw didn’t site his reasons for wanting to leave, but surprisingly kept things very cordial – thanking Gregg Popovich for his player development (take advantage of this DeMar).

So, until we get a rare interview in the coming weeks before tip-off, many are still wanting to hear in his words why he did exactly want out of San Antonio; as well as his thoughts on the trade.

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